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„Trust is good, to check up is better.“

The revenue of a property on sale is already evident in the object’s Exposé.

However, what should be of much higher interest for you as a purchaser is: Does the object also have the potential to provide revenue? Or have the vacancies been erratically reduced shortly before the sales procedure? And has this been done through the reduction of the average rate of the net cold rent?

In a „Net Operating Income Audit“ (NOI Audit) we inspect the commercial history of the property, to enable the determination of the sustainability of the NOI.

Besides the mere data and documentation inspection, we evaluate the service efficiency of the property manager, in order to be able to provide you with possibly pivotal advice prior to the transfer of ownership.

Significant Features of the „NOI Audit“ are

  • The reliable evaluation of the sustainability of the current NOI through the analysis of historical and up to date commercial management data.
  • Preparation of NOI Audit Reports for each object contingent upon the specific requirements and on short notice.
  • Continuous documentation of all work results on the web-based „ASA Pier“.

We hope that you are interested! Simply contact us; we will be pleased to provide advice!

Contact:  Frank Darnstädt  Detlef Rüster


  • Real estate corporation listed on the stock exchange
  • Acquisition and Consulting Company of a Swiss fund initiator

We would be pleased to schedule a meeting to provide you with further reference projects and clients!