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„First know, then act.“

We provide you a thorough insight into your portfolio.

Your benefits?

You receive all the information relevant to the property concentrated, analysed and evaluated with respect to the target-orientation from one source, in a short amount of time.

The property analysis connects the analysis of each object’s technical conditions related to construction and administration, with location-specific market information. The historical master data and transaction data are analysed with respect to their sustainability, the Status Quo of the technical conditions related to construction and administration, and relevant market data.

The aim of the property analysis is to estimate the profitability of the current NOI and its development perspective correctly, in order to enable you to adjust your management plan accurately.

We develop a prognosis of the future development of the Cash-Flow in a minimum of three scenarios, in which the results of the historical and current data are – needless to say – already considered.

Significant Features of „Property Analysis“ are

  • Preparation of Analysis Reports for each object contingent upon the specific requirements and on short notice.
  • The reliable prognosis of the NOI development through the integration of historical and current management data.
  • Continuous documentation of all work results on the web-based „ASA Pier“.

We hope we that you are interested! Simply contact us; we will be pleased to provide advice!

Contact:  Frank Darnstädt  Detlef Rüster


We would be pleased to schedule a meeting to provide you with further reference projects and clients!