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„Be capable of fast action“

„Interim Asset-Management“ in its core, incorporates the short-term strategic planning, the operative implementation and administration, as well as the periodical reporting of the set targets of your portfolio within a limited amount of time.

For example during the acquisition of a portfolio: Within the phase between Signing and Closing, according to our experience, the efficiency of the Property-Management in renting and administrating declines.

One of the causes for this phenomenon is the opinion of the Property-Management, that the Property-Management agreement will not be renewed during the procedure of the transition in ownership. As a result, the Property-Management is hardly within reach for the tenants, the ongoing maintenance procedures are delayed or they come to a halt, and the untenanted flats are not re-rented out in a dedicated manner anymore.

At this point, the ASA Gruppe supports you as an Interim Asset-Manager, by undertaking the commercial and technical, strategic, as well as the operational Asset-Management.

Hier unterstützt Sie die ASA Gruppe als Interims Asset-Manager mit der Übernahme des kaufmännischen und technischen, strategischen wie operativen Asset-Managements.

Depending on the Exit, the Interim Asset-Management can aim to integrate the acquired portfolio in your administration and your Asset-Management within a designated time span.

An alternative Exit could be the development of the portfolio and its re-sale at a target value to be preliminarily identified.

To make the alterations of these processes swiftly visible, and to manage the supervision in a sustainable and liable manner is the task of the ASA Gruppe.

Significant Features of the „Interim Asset Management“ are

  • The take over of the entire strategic and operational Asset- and Property-Management of your residential property.
  • The temporary assignment up to target achievement (Exit or Integration).
  • High levels of transparency of results through reporting in accordance with accepted bank standards.
  • Permanent control of the results through the web-based „Performance Grid“.
  • Continuous documentation of all work results on the web-based „ASA Pier“.
  • A performance-related remuneration scheme.

We hope that you are interested! Simply contact us; we will be pleased to provide advice!

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  • Real estate corporation listed on the stock exchange
  • A Real Estate Company listed on the AIM with assets in Germany

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