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„Strategic Asset-Management is the key to the value creation of the portfolio.”

We do understand, that you do not want to hand this key out.

What you require is Operational Asset-Management, since the Portfolio Strategy that you have already developed has to be implemented in one way or the other.

By the term „ Operational Asset-Management“, we therefore perceive the liable planning and implementation of the commercially most efficient measures for the realization of your Portfolio Strategy.

Our goal is to develop your asset to the predefined target, and to portray this process transparently and coherently for you at all times.

In practice, the ASA Gruppe undertakes technical and commercial Asset-Management throughout the extent of a project.

The duration of the assignment can be dependent on each project, for example up to the designated Exit of a portfolio, or it can be of longer duration as an integral element of the management of your real estate.

Significant Features of the „Operational Asset-Management“ are

  • The swift take over of the operational Asset- and Property-Management of your residential property.
  • The temporary assignment up to target achievement (Exit or Integration), or long-term assignment as an integral component of the management of your real estate.
  • High transparency of the results through reporting, in accordance with accepted bank standards.
  • Permanent control of the results through the web-based „Performance Grid“.
  • Continuous documentation of all work results on the web-based „ASA Pier“.
  • A performance-related remuneration scheme.

We hope that you are interested! Simply contact us; we will be pleased to provide advice!

Contact:  Frank Darnstädt  Dirk Steinbach


  • Acquisition and Consulting Company of a Swiss fund initiator

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