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Your pre-condition
Fast, flexible and reliable

The ASA Group has analysed and optimized the assessment process of property portfolios from commissioning through to the final report. Expert preparation of property master data and the employment of a team of highly flexible architects and engineers ensure that technicians from the ASA Group are informed within 24 hours after commissioning, and inspect the property. By means of radio transmission of the inspection results to the server of the ASA Group, it is possible to conduct an analysis process parallel to the inspection, which drastically reduces the project period.

The results of the analysis are integrated into a forecast which can stretch up to ten years, and which records all value-relevant building components, measures and costs, and which allocates a Technical Due Diligence to the respective cost groups.

This overview explains the individual process steps in the portfolio assessment

  • On site
  • Recording of property and buildingspecific information
  • Assessment of property after renewal / maintenance and repair
  • Desktop
  • Drawing up of databank-based cost estimate
  • Allocation of costs to individual cost groups (backlog, periodic capex etc.)