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„One stone, one word.“

You want to acquire a real estate portfolio? Then for the purchase price determination you need – among others – a future-oriented estimation of necessary costs and investments for the structure, technique and equipment of the building.

Or you are financing your acquisition to partially external? In this case, you need a plausible cost scenario and a presentation of the results of the analysis in accordance with accepted bank standards.

Through the refurbishment and administration of our own assets, the evaluation of approximately 37 Million Square meters of residential real estate, and around 4.1 Million Square meters of commercial real estate, we possess an outstanding practice-oriented expertise in „Technical Due Diligence“.

From the preparation of the master data to the inspection trips or to the reports, we organise the complete TechDD Process within our own capacity – consequently taking the load off your shoulders.

We distinguish the necessary measures and their costs in unambiguous cost groups and clear execution time tables. The technical due diligence is provided on the basis of always up-to-date price tables (Building Cost Index - BKI), regional correction factors and the amount of the ancillary construction costs congruent to the extent of the building activity.

We naturally advise you concerning all questions on the cost estimation, develop scenarios together with you and discuss the results. On demand we also determine the reconstruction costs of the building.

Significant Features of the „TechDD“ are

  • The extremely fast organisation and realization of the building inspections with architects and engineers experienced in evaluation.
  • Preparation of standardized cost estimations, reports and the object’s fact files contingent upon the specific requirements and on short notice.
  • Continuous documentation of all work results on the web-based „ASA Pier.

You receive a scheduler cost estimation for each object, in which all costs and the extent of each measure is listed under the exact building component and all relevant cost groups are included. Additionally, we compose a summary of all findings in accordance with accepted bank standards with all the relevant information on the assignment and the portfolio, a data base excerpt for your further use and – on your demand – a fact file on the object’s characteristics.

Certainly we place all the information related to the project – for example photographs from the inspection, reports of the ASA, documents of the vendor – on the „ASA Pier“, our web-based client portal. They are deposited there for you permanently free of charge; you will be able to access them whenever you wish.

We hope that you are interested! Simply contact us; we will be pleased to provide advice!

Contact:  Dirk Steinbach


  • „Landesentwicklungsgesellschaft Nordrhein-Westfalen“
    Around 5.9 Million sqm residential real estate und 176,000 sqm commercial real estate: Consultancy of the investment bank Goldman Sachs and its subsidiary company Whitehall during acquisition. Technical Due Diligence Consultancy (TechDD, Risk analysis of property developments etc.)
  • „GSW Immobilien GmbH“
    Around 4.1 Million sqm residential real estate and 21,000 sqm commercial real estate: Consultancy of the investor Cerberus during acquisition. Technical Due Diligence Consultancy (TechDD, scenario development etc.)
  • „GBWAG“
    Around 1.9 Million sqm residential real estate and 39,000 sqm industrial real estate: Consultancy of the Bank organising the process. Preparation of the IPO (TechDD etc.)

We would be pleased to schedule a meeting to provide you with further reference projects and clients!