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„Looking ahead instead of running after.”

You are interested in the acquisition of a portfolio and you need an independent and knowledgeable expertise. Understandably, you do not wish to start the Due Diligence Process immediately, since it is costly and tedious.

With the „PreView“ we provide the suitable tool, a swift, cost-effective and non-binding preview of the technical condition and market quality of the object, in order to free you from having to run after single bits of information.

We combine the results of an inconspicuous object inspection with the analysis of the micro and macro market. As the result, you receive a standardized brief report, which includes besides the expected costs, the evaluation of the object’s quality, a brief location and market analysis as well as the recommendation about the further steps to be taken.

Significant Features of the „PreView“ are

  • The fast, inconspicuous inspection of the object and its surrounding.
  • The combination of market data with the object and location-related data accumulated on site.
  • The preparation of an informative brief report for a low unit price.
  • Continuous documentation of all work results on the web-based „ASA Pier“.

We hope that you are interested! Simply contact us; we will be pleased to provide advice!

Contact:  Dirk Steinbach


  • Acquisition and Consulting Company of a Swiss fund initiator

We would be pleased to schedule a meeting to provide you with further reference projects and clients!