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Analysis and Development

When analysing the property and developing a strategic portfolio management, the ASA Group considers all factors of significance. Only instruments are used which have been tested in property analyses of about 5,000 apartments. This means that you always get the Best Practice result. With regard to the cost estimate, the ASA Group can look back on decades of experience in the re-development of around 10,000 apartments in old buildings.

Dirk Steinbach

Factors of property analysis

  • Technical Situation
  • Costs for elimination of damage
  • Costs for future and ongoing repair
  • Costs for ensuring re-rentability
  • Management data
  • Additional costs, above all energy and water
  • Soft factors
  • Quality of tenants
  • Environment
  • Infra-structure
  • Cash Flow
  • Comparison of several years with variable parameters
  • Variation recommendations
  • Free selection of assessment level (liquidity, success, individual item)